Polyurethane Insulation Panels

Fire Resistance

Polyurethane does not melt


Polyurethane demonstrates about twice the resistance to heat

Insulated Systems panels are constructed on a pre-fabricated, modular basis. Panels are joined by means of cam-lock profiles provided on all panels.


The insulation of the pre-fabricated panels is foamed-in-place fire retardant polyurethane. The density of the injected polyurethane is approximately 40kg/m3.

Insulation thickness

The insulation thickness of cold rooms operating down to 0’C will be 60mm.
The insulation thickness of Freezer rooms operating down to -20’C will be 80mm.
The insulation thickness of Blast Freezers operating down to -35’C will be 150mm


All pre-fabricated wall panels will be supplied internally and externally finished with a white chromadek finish, using 0,5mm primed galvanized substrate. All panels will be supplied with strippable plastic protective sheet, which will be removed on completion of installation.

As one of the only manufacturers of insulated panels in Zambia, with a refined and unique prefabricated building design, Insulated Systems can cater to all of our clients’ needs.